What is a Dual Compartment System technology and how does it work ?

In traditional aerosols, product and propellant are filled and mixed together into the can. The traditional aerosol cannot be refilled.

In the Dual Compartment System, the product is filled into a completely separate bag.

In most cases, compressed air or Nitrogen are used as propellant, but the pressurized systems cannot be refilled, that's  why new technology like EcoDrive from GreenSpense has been developped and suitable for refilling process.

BOV or similar systems are suitable for liquid as well as viscous products such as gels, creams and ointments.

Because of the separation of the product  there is no need for the use of preservatives, which ensure product purity. 

BOVs are used for cosmetics, pharma and food products, but they can be used for innumerable purposes

What can be filled with Fillinfinite system ?

With Fillinfinite it is possible to fill many different types of liquid, such as: Olive oil, cream, syrups, sanitizer, coffee, tea, spirits, sauces, and all the liquid you would like to spray and respray… 

How can I have Fillinfinite system ?

Fillinfinite is a new project. The system is manufactured in Italy and can be required by sending a mail to info@fillinfinite.it.

Where is Fillinfinite System distributed ?

Currently, Fillinfinite system can be distributed in Europe, and soon it will be certified for World Wide delivery.